about change.

Exactly three years ago I was on the Trans-Siberian Express on my way to Indonesia, believing I was going to take on the world.
Exactly two years ago I’d just found out that I’d graduated magna cum laude, convinced that a PhD would be the next move for taking on the world.
Exactly one year ago I withdrew my participation to a 10-day silent meditation course in Perth, because I had to monitor seedlings, or collect seeds, or do something or other that was more important for taking on the world.
Exactly two months ago, one of my best friends took his final breath after the anguish of a most horrifying illness, making me wonder why the hell taking on the world is so bloody important to me.
Exactly two weeks ago, I started drafting a matrix of PhD programs, and a proposal too I guess, which has all the characteristics of taking on the world, but actually it’s just plain self-development.
Exactly two hours ago I made vegan Massaman curry, because even when you’ve made no progress whatsoever in taking on the world, you’re still hungry every couple of hours.
Exactly two minutes ago I decided I should be writing more, because if I’m not taking on the world, what else am I supposed to be doing?


I’m starting a 10-day silent meditation course tomorrow.


3 responses to “about change.

  1. Regarding the meditation course, you get out what you put in. I’d love to talk to you after your course ends….my life just got turned over in the past week, all is well though. I am just moving somewhere that I have never visited before, somewhere that will make you laugh.

  2. Mooie opbouw đŸ˜‰

  3. thanks for this Lien. you are very aware, very aware

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