about figuring it out.

So I disappeared for a while.

Inside my head, and also to the other side of the world, then to the other other side of the world, then back to the other side of the world, and finally back to this end of the world, which is basically the end of the world. (yes, it means my carbon footprint is massive this year. But I plant trees for a living. What the hell are you doing?)

I had left this end of the world with the straightforward idea that, elsewhere, I would be able to figure it out. You know, it. Turns out ‘elsewhere’ does not enable you to figure it out. Yet for some strange reason, in time – and after you’ve already backtracked to that point where you initially started from – things do figure themselves out.

And usually not in the way you thought they would.

When I first signed up for this end of the world, it was because of a denied research visa and well, a boy. When I finally got here, I had received the research visa after all and I was no longer talking to the boy. Instead, I got propelled into a career which miraculously enough does not just consist of evaluating plans and writing reports. I get to work hard and get shit done. The fruit of my labour sits there. It may not be much, but it’s tangible and measurable. And it’s growing.

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s bloody hard work. It includes frustration, anger, disappointment and even rage. So much you start doubting yourself, asking yourself, What the hell are you doing?




Bang. You’ll figure it out.

On to the next.


4 responses to “about figuring it out.

  1. So glad you’re Keally’s friend. She’s looking for the bang too! Was very excited to hear about the conference in Madison next October. Last spring I met some people in a small dorp in South Africa who run a place called Renu Karoo and sent the conference info to them too. http://www.renu-karoo.co.za. If you make it to South Africa, check them out. It’s an amazing tiny town, surrounded by fruit orchards, a cheesemaking dairy, olive groves, vinegards, a few good restaurants, charming original Afrikaans architecture…I’m still trying to figure out a way to get back there and DO SOMETHING. Fondly, Fran

    • Keally is such a gun Fran! She’s gonna bang!
      It would be great if the Afrikaans restoration team could make it to Madison (that is assuming that we make it too, it’s all still a plan-in-the-making, but at least the timing seems right), because you’d be surprised how little work actually gets done in comparison to the big talk everywhere and the big numbers being dropped at regular intervals (… hence this post…). Hope we get to hang out in October! That would be BRILLIANT!

  2. Still one of the best bloggers. Thinking AND doing.

  3. Needs more updates !! How are you kido ? Gemis in Belgie !

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