about living in words.

– So you never get sick of hearing your own voice in your head?
I don’t actually hear my own voice in my head…
– Are you sure? Whatever – whenever – you think, you use your voice. To shape the words in your mind, right?
I guess so… but whenever I hear it on tape it just sounds so different from what I hear in my head.
– Yeah.

It’s just so crazy to realise that your whole reality is shaped by the concepts that are available in the language you speak.
– Fuck yeah.
That’s why you don’t know what you’re feeling until you read it in the book on your bedside table.

That’s why this is not really the same as:
“Als de wereld niet zou zuigen, dan vielen we er allemaal van af.”
That’s why you didn’t feel saudades, until you learned about them on Wikipedia.


2 responses to “about living in words.

  1. Thanks for teaching me a new word! 🙂

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