about happiness, or not-unhappiness.

2011 taught me an important lesson. I finally understood that life is quite vicious and cruel, which is not a lesson schematically drawn on a blackboard. Instead  it comes smacked in the face, slap after slap until the walls of naivité built around everything believed in finally start to crumble.

I can hear your thoughts all the way here. ‘Coming from someone who’s trotting around the planet as if life is a never-ending vacation.’ But let me tell you: I am not happier than you are. And you are not particularly happy. If you tell me that you are, you are probably lying. I may coarsely be persuaded to believe that you find yourself in a certain state of contentment, but it is way more likely that you chose not to think too much about your life and hence not to feel too much about it either.  Or, you are telling yourself over and over that you have nothing to be unhappy about, until you actually believe that you are not-unhappy, therefore happy. Or, perhaps you are convinced that you are on your way to your happiness, and you can already see it shining on the horizon. All you need is a better job. Or some more money. Or a child. Or a lover. Then you’ll finally get there, destination happiness.

Wrong. You’re chasing rainbows.

I am not happier than you are. But, just like you, I refuse to settle. I consciously and willingly choose to battle. For every nanosecond of pure bliss. Shooting right up to the stars, way beyond the fucking rainbow. This war is not about winning. It’s about fighting and getting up over and over again. For all the small victories of joy, laughter and pleasure. Bear the pain. Suck it up. This is life. For everyone.


6 responses to “about happiness, or not-unhappiness.


    Misschien moet ik hem wel uitprinten.

  2. U blog is zalig 🙂 Te veel waarheden dan goed is voor een mens. Kom maar snel naar Benin voor live posts als deze te geven? Geniet ervan. Ik mis je meid! x

  3. Toptekst op deze donderdag in februari in Belgïe….

  4. De nagel op de kop. Knap.

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