about transitioning.

I have been living my life long enough now to somewhat understand its structure and functioning. It kinda works like this:

I learn something.
It fascinates me.
I want to know more.
I get involved.
I get in over my head.
I try to finish (but I don’t always succeed in doing that properly as more often than not, a new project arises before the last one has come to an end).

But not this time! Because this time, I took my time to transition. Transition started by me arriving in Kuala Lumpur, the city where my life always seems to stop –
and pivot to a different direction.

Once there, my life as I knew it literally vanished*. As a matter of fact, the constellation that is ‘me’ disintegrated into free-floating energy, disconnected from any time and space. I fled the city, fell back into habits from the past, and landed into the arms of old friends. In transition, I relived the times when we were still hungry and full of hope and anticipation for life to come.

Upon returning to Kuala Lumpur, a wave of consciousness took me under once again. My body ached to get out. Out of transition and into life. Apparently, I still existed.

Now, I slowly get reconnected to new smells, new sounds and a new quality of daylight.

I can recommend you all to transition at some point. It makes you hungry. And everything simply tastes better when you’re hungry.

*This may partly be attributed to excessive intake of an alcoholic herbal drink known to most of you as Jägermeister.


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