about baking cakes.

I’ve entered a new phase in life ever since my graduation. One of my friends described it as follows, ‘from now on our decisions actually matter. They translate into reality.’ That includes certain expectations, projections and directions. It’s quite scary for someone like me – a being without great desires, grand schemes or big dreams. The options seem endless. As most of you already know, from all those options I chose to soon leave Belgium once again and return to the opposite side of the planet to continue my quest for a way of life which does not make me feel guilty or depressed for major parts of the day. Occasionally I panic though. What if I am about to make the biggest mistake in my life? And right when the fear is about to fixate me in immobile indecisiveness…

…I get saved. I get saved by no one less than a pastry chef. He pats me on the knee with a friendly yet firm hand, looks me straight in the eye and says,
‘It’s actually quite simple. Life is nothing but the baking of a cake. You can bake a cake right? However, which kind of cake you want to bake is entirely up to you. That’s the freedom you get in this baking exercise called life. You can quickly throw stuff together and hope for a good outcome. Or you can pick and choose your ingredients, weigh them and think them over thoroughly. You can go for a tested-and-tried classic or follow your intuition for something entirely new. You can be inspired by other peoples’ cakes and no one stops you from asking how they made it. There is no shame in that whatsoever. And most importantly, you need to create your cake with love. People will immediately notice. They’ll say, whoa… your cake looks really nice.’

I’ll be making my own recipe of course, whaddayathink.

I just need some dark chocolate.

And macadamia nuts too, please.



3 responses to “about baking cakes.

  1. Lien,
    Keally will be home in Madison in a week, so I hope you two will have a chance to speak on SKYPE, so I can hear the news about where you are going and what you are doing. I truly enjoy your blog updates. They make me think.


  2. Maakt me blij 🙂

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