about thinking you’re badass, but getting that right back in your face.

When you have a plan such as traveling to the opposite side of the planet without flying, you easily get tricked into having the idea that you’re doing something that is really unique and badass. Well, it’s not.

After spending a few awesome days in the city of Irkutsk in Siberia (close to Lake Baikal) I continued my journey towards Beijing. Right after getting back on the train, I was welcomed by Hanna, Ruut and Sophia; three Finnish (but Swedish-speaking) girls that are traveling through South-East Asia without flying. They are each 19 years old. That’s pretty badass. I also met Tom – an Englishman with an Irish passport – on his way to a friend’s wedding in Hongkong, choosing consciously not to fly. Moreover, he had been doing this no-flying business for a while now, and had already traveled to Africa by cargo ship. Also quite badass.

But the one that surprised me the most must have been Daniel. He is a French gentleman – painter and writer – working on his second book which would be about his love life. He was traveling to China for the third time in his life, wanting to better understand what he had already seen before. And this time, he really wanted to go by Trans-Siberian Express; as it is obviously an epic journey that you really want to have done at least once in your life. Well so he did.

At age 90.

Now I’d say that is really, REALLY pretty fucking badass.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and find a real purpose in life now.



2 responses to “about thinking you’re badass, but getting that right back in your face.

  1. LIEN!
    You are WAY badass, and we miss you loads! Still in Beijing? Meeting up would be awesome, mail me?
    We think you, arriving at 5.30 am in Beijing with only a phonenumber, no hostel reservation, and traveling alone from Belgium to Indonesia, is super fucking ridic badass. So there.

  2. Oh, wat hou ik van je blog en je leuke schrijfsels! Je hebt een fan hier in – het nu wel verre- België!

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