about how I ended up going to Indonesia.

In January 2009 I went to Guatemala, as most of you know. And I fell in love there. A love at first sight. I was flabberghasted, stunned, and awed. Vigourous and powerful love in the most overwhelming fashion. Him, not so tall, but very feisty, rough and strong, and that I like very, very much.
His name was Santiaguito. And right, he’s a volcano. A pretty badass one too. Erupts every 40 minutes or so (and lives in the shadow of his mum Santa Maria, but no one needs to know that!)

Ever since, I have been as hooked on volcanoes as Bridget Jones on diaries and horrible men. In our house in Guatemala, we had an old copy of a National Geographic Magazine in the bathroom (I spent a lot of time in the bathroom). It had a long article with crazy beautiful pictures of volcanoes in Indonesia – a pure form of porn for volcano-lovers like myself (good times reading and re-reading when stuck on the toilet). Fast forward early 2010 – Tropenbos has me accepted as a research intern and they want to send me to… DR Congo! Wow! Scary! But awesome! However, the University of Leuven gives me a strict ‘No’ for the high safety risks involved. And then I get the choice: Indonesia or Colombia. You know which one I picked…

So now I am going to Borneo. It’s pretty much the only (large) Indonesian island that does NOT have any active volcanoes… And Santiaguito, maybe it was when he found out that he choked so hard, laughed his guts out and covered all his surroundings in a thick layer of lava and ash. Perhaps I should have known better…

Santiaguito as seen from the top of Santa Maria ((c) Quetzaltrekkers.com)


One response to “about how I ended up going to Indonesia.

  1. Lien,
    I can see that I’ll enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing it. Below is a link to a blog a friend of mine posted recently on her travels through Austrailia, Borneo, Brunei, Malaysia, etc. I thought you might want to read her comments on Borneo. Here is the link: http://chillybeans2010.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html
    I think she writes about Borneo from May 18th to about June 10th. Take care.

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